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The Secret to Building Your Business and Reputation As An Expert

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The Secret to Building Your Business and Reputation As An Expert : Professionals generally agree that there is no technique for building your business that is more effective than branding yourself as an expert and your business as the most extensive source of information for the product line you work with.

With the new technologies that the publishing industry has developed, you can now strengthen your reputation as an expert by writing books, not just articles, about your industry and products. With this new development, you can do it with very little or no formal training. You need nothing more than the ability to take the same words you use when you talk about this subject and write them down on paper.

Let’s first take a look at the progress in article distribution. Internet-based article aggregators and distributors are the most exciting new outlet for wide distribution of the articles you write. Just as you chose to read this article because it fits your particular interest, hundreds of thousands of uninformed people around the world are seeking knowledge on various topics offered by distributors such as Your single article can be seen by more than one million viewers.

Like an editor running a copy desk in a distributor’s office, a print trade journal editor in your specialty doesn’t search for literature. Their concern is information that will help others in your field perform as well as you do. Much like web-based article distributors, simple direct writing, similar to how you would describe a subject in a conversation, is what these magazines are looking for.

The Secret to Making Strong Articles

First and foremost, be specific. Editors and readers of the article need not be told that PVC pipes have affected sales of copper pipes. They already know that. They … Read more


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How to Build Your Evolv Business and Retire Rich

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How to Build Your Evolv Business and Retire Rich


Evolv is a direct selling company headed by founder and chairman Trey White. It is one of the many companies in the MLM industry that offers health-related products. The claim is that 15 years of research has gone into developing the product. As of this writing, the company only has 3 products, Archea Active, Evolv water and Evolv gel.

Can you really thrive with Evolv?

So why do you think and why do I say that you can retire rich with a company that competes with many other companies and only has 3 products? The number one factor you have in any business is YOU! It doesn’t matter what company, whether it’s Evolv or another company, it’s up to you to decide whether you will succeed or not.

You must have the attitude that will drive you to succeed. As the old saying goes, it is your attitude that determines your height in life. Now, armed with the right attitude and drive for success, i can help you with several tools that will help you achieve your desired goals.

The next thing you will need of course is to build a bottom line. Believe it or not, in this world with all its technology, I suggest starting with your warm market. These are people who already know, like, and trust you. Most people don’t have a warm market large enough to sustain a business and generally those who have been through it several times.

Once you get past your hot market, then what? Well, I’m glad you asked that question. Then, you have to find a way to approach your cold market and turn it into your warm market. The number one place on the planet to do that right … Read more



How Do I Find My Google Ads

How Do I Find My Google Ads?

Understand Google ads and why you might not find your ad where you expect it

Oh, I see. You’ve invested money in Google ads (smart move!). And you see other people’s Google ads every time you browse the internet.

So why don’t you ever see your own ad?

This is a question we ask our clients all the time. And there is a simple answer.

But first, to put you at ease: don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong if your Google ads don’t show your own personal search results.

In fact, this is what you often expect.

We’ll cover Google advertising and SEM (search engine marketing) in more detail below.

But first, we asked our permanent advertising expert, Daniel Simmons, to solve this question once and for all – why can’t you see your own Google Ads?

Understanding Google Ads (and why you shouldn’t see your own ads)
Google ads can be used to create brand awareness, but are often best used to sell or promote a product or service, generate website traffic, or get email list signups. When used this way, they offer an easy-to-measure ROI, so you can understand how your advertising money is working for you.

Ultimately, budget plays a big factor in whether or not you will see your own ad. But first, let’s explore the two types of Google Ads – search ads and display ads – because the type of ad you use can be a determining factor in whether and when you’ll see it in person.

Search Ads
As the name suggests, Search Ads are ads that appear when someone performs a Google search. Say you’re a plumber in Kelowna. If someone searches for ‘plumber in Kelowna’ on Google, then your ad may appear in their search … Read more